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More than ever, healthcare providers need to develop and embrace a strong brand identity. The care landscape has changed, with increased consumerism and choice dominating the conversation. Public image and outreach are crucial in this new marketplace. Vibrant equips providers with purpose-oriented branding, creating a consistent foundation for all activities. We start by helping to understand audiences, and to define the pillars of your brand. This includes unique and eye-catching logos and graphics, but also extends to messaging, behavior, training, and both digital and physical patient experiences. Smart and consistent branding helps prospective patients answer the question, “Why should I obtain my care from you?”   

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Annual Report Writing and Editing
  • Fundraising Activity Assistance
  • And More...

Vibrant delivers its branding and marketing strategy through a smooth process. Clear communication and easy collaboration help automate crucial components, such as social media content marketing, helping to reinforce brand messaging. Vibrant staff use the latest project management tools to ensure that we meet client goals and deadlines, and more importantly, that we are always on the same page with our clients. Vibrant’s internal team consists of a creative director and brand strategist, dedicated account management, videographers, designers, web developers and programmers, writers, and a digital strategist. Our in-house creative resources allow us to inexpensively and quickly create marketing materials to reflect rapid changes in the healthcare market.

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What Our
Clients Say...

"Vibrant’s work is more than just distinct projects like our website and marketing materials — it helped us resonate with the community and deliver our mission of honoring life, giving care and bringing comfort."
Donna Branca, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, United Hospice

"We’ve been providing services to the community for over 75 years. Vibrant helped us reinforce our brand through focusing on our mission, and broadcast our message in a modern way, leading to amazing new opportunities for the future."
Greg Sorrentino, President/Chief Executive Officer, Center for Disability Services

"Our community is one-of-a-kind. Vibrant helped us find and create a unique voice, so that people know how special our services really are. We have been able to reach more people than ever before and truly build our awareness."
Paul Landers, President & CEO, Pathfinder Village

"With Vibrant’s help, we have been successful growing our programs and services. We have helped bring the gift of hospice to more people in more areas." Rob Puglisi, Director of Marketing and Communications, Community Hospice

"Working with Vibrant has helped Belvedere develop our brand as a premiere provider of health services. Vibrant always over-delivers and provides insights into marketing and positioning that we didn’t even know we should be paying attention to."
John McCooey and Jen Barnett, Belvedere Health Care

"Our working relationship with Vibrant has armed us with tools to spread awareness about FCA’s services to the vulnerable members of our community who are in need. Thanks to Vibrant, FCA has an overall broader impact."
Jeffrey Reynolds, President and Chief Executive Officer, Family and Children’s Association

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