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Keeping Audiences Engaged During a Rebrand

If your organization has considered a rebrand, you’re already aware of the undertaking involved. There are many moving parts and tasks to be juggled internally, it can be easy to put external engagement on the back burner in the process.

Getting your customers on your side is imperative during a rebrand. When Tropicana redesigned its classic carton design in 2009, it saw a 20% drop in sales, and just a year later, Gap spent an estimated $100 million on a logo that lasted seven days. Keeping customers engaged ensures a seamless transition from the old to the new, maintaining a strong bond and sense of familiarity. Engaged customers feel included in the journey, fostering loyalty and trust in the brand’s evolution. By actively involving customers, businesses show that their opinions matter, reinforcing a customer-centric approach. Additionally, sustained engagement helps mitigate any potential confusion or resistance. Ultimately, maintaining customer engagement during a rebranding effort not only preserves customer relationships but also lays the foundation for continued success in the new era.

The Example: High Point Federal Credit Union

Recently, Vibrant Brands spearheaded a rebrand for High Point Federal Credit Union, formerly Olean Area Credit Union. High Point wanted its branding to reflect its expanded scope and services. After deeply considering the credit union’s history, values, and future goals, this partnership culminated in the unveiling of the name “High Point,” the tagline “Journeys Start Here,” and a new logo featuring a mountain motif. Together, this creative package represented the history of the organization and the ultimate high of having a trusted institution as your financial partner no matter where life takes you.

One point of focus for us was ensuring that the credit union’s loyal members didn’t feel left behind or lost in the transition. Here are some steps we built into our plan to ensure that High Point’s members knew that the branding may change, but the original company values and mission were here to stay.

Foster Engagement Through Interaction

During a rebrand, make your audience feel like part of the journey. For High Point, we did this by engaging their audience with polls, surveys, and interactive content that encourages them to share their thoughts and preferences. By making them feel heard and valued, you foster a sense of ownership in the rebranding process.

Start with Strategic Teasers

The art of anticipation can’t be underestimated. High Point Federal Credit Union set the stage for its rebrand by strategically teasing the upcoming changes. Through well-crafted social media teasers, email campaigns, and even a staff event, we created a sense of excitement and curiosity. By offering glimpses of the transformation to come, you can tap into the power of anticipation and build intrigue within your audience.

graphic of logo unveiling with text "Life's a journey. Stay tuned for our next chapter."

Create Compelling Content

Content is your bridge to maintaining ongoing excitement and engagement. Leverage various content formats such as behind-the-scenes videos, blog posts, and interviews to provide insights into the rebranding process. This not only keeps your audience informed but also invested in the unfolding story.

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is key in any rebranding effort. High Point ensured that its messaging, from social media to email campaigns, echoed a consistent theme. This not only reinforces your rebrand but also creates a sense of familiarity. Consistency establishes trust and reassures your audience that the change is part of a deliberate and logical evolution.

Actively Seek Feedback

High Point’s journey was enriched by seeking feedback from employees, members, and the community. Actively encourage your audience to share their thoughts and opinions about the rebrand. This not only shows that you value their input and that your patrons are at the center of your organization, but also provides valuable insights that can refine your approach.

Celebrate the Transformation

A successful rebrand is a cause for celebration. High Point’s grand unveiling event demonstrated its commitment to the rebrand and its significance. Consider hosting an event or online launch that highlights the transformation and invites your audience to be part of the celebration.

Get the Word Out

Employing a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy to amplify the unveiling of a refreshed brand identity is imperative. How is the public supposed to know about the big changes happening if you don’t tell them? We introduced High Point’s new name and tagline through a digital advertising campaign, strategically positioned billboards, Over-The-Top (OTT) advertising, and thoughtfully designed mailers to cover all bases. By embracing diverse advertising avenues, you can effectively share the news of your fresh identity.

Sustain the Momentum

A rebrand isn’t a one-time event; it’s a continuous journey. High Point’s post-launch strategies ensured that the excitement lingered long after the unveiling. Maintain momentum with ongoing campaigns, promotions, and content that keep your audience engaged and invested.

High Point Federal Credit Union’s rebranding journey exemplifies the art of keeping audiences engaged during a transformative phase. By strategically teasing, involving, and celebrating with their audience, Vibrant and High Point demonstrated how to navigate a rebrand while maintaining enthusiasm. Incorporating these strategies into your rebrand approach can lead to an engaged and excited audience, paving the way for a successful transition.

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