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PISO, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure solutions, sought the expertise of Vibrant Brands to undergo a comprehensive rebranding initiative. Their existing branding failed to accurately communicate their expertise and position them as industry leaders. Vibrant took on the challenge of redesigning PISO's logo, developing a new website, and implementing a robust content strategy to elevate their brand image.

Logo Design

Understanding the significance of a strong visual identity, Vibrant Brands embarked on designing a new logo for PISO. The creative team worked closely with PISO to create a logo that not only captured their expertise in EV infrastructure but also visually communicated their leadership and innovation in the industry.

Website Development

To support PISO’s rebranding efforts, Vibrant developed a new website that showcased their comprehensive range of EV infrastructure solutions. The website was designed to provide a user-friendly experience, highlight their expertise, and convey their commitment to sustainable, cutting-edge technology. The new website aimed to position PISO as the go-to provider for EV infrastructure solutions.

Branding and Event Presence

Vibrant Brands played a pivotal role in transforming PISO’s branding across various touchpoints. They designed all new materials for PISO, including brochures, banners, and other collateral, to create a cohesive brand image. Additionally, Vibrant assisted in boosting PISO’s in-person presence at industry events by creating a visually appealing booth setup that captured attention and showcased their expertise.

Content Marketing

Recognizing the importance of thought leadership and showcasing PISO’s capabilities, Vibrant Brands developed a comprehensive content marketing strategy. They worked closely with PISO to create engaging case studies that highlighted their work in the EV infrastructure industry. These case studies served as valuable tools to demonstrate PISO’s experience, success stories, and innovative solutions. Additionally, Vibrant took charge of ongoing social media management to amplify PISO’s brand presence and engage with their target audience.

Video Production

To enhance PISO’s content marketing efforts, Vibrant produced visually compelling video case studies. These videos provided a dynamic and immersive experience for potential clients, effectively showcasing PISO’s projects and demonstrating their expertise in implementing EV infrastructure solutions. The videos served as powerful tools to engage and educate the audience, further solidifying PISO’s position as an industry leader.

Through Vibrant Brands’ rebranding efforts, PISO successfully positioned itself as a leading provider of EV infrastructure solutions. The new logo, website, and branding materials conveyed their expertise and commitment to innovation. The comprehensive content strategy, including case studies and social media management, effectively showcased PISO’s work and engaged their target audience. The visually appealing video case studies further bolstered PISO’s reputation and helped establish them as thought leaders in the industry.