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Branding as a foundation for service and employee culture.

Belvedere Health Services

Belvedere Health Services is a multi-faceted organization that provides home health care, active living communities, and educational services. Employees are a key component of Belvedere’s value to the community, and Vibrant’s branding efforts helped to create clear messaging throughout the organization that reflects the importance of its people.



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The Brand Approach

Vibrant collaborated with Belvedere on a comprehensive brand overhaul that successfully set the organization apart from its competition and solidified its status as a leader in home care services in the Capital District. A key component of branding was to drive home the message of Belvedere’s flexibility, innovative approach and the value provided by its staff. With Vibrant’s help, Belvedere gained brand recognition that has driven its continued success.


Website Design

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At Vibrant we recognize the enduring importance of web content that provides value to consumers. This is especially the case when it comes to home health care and related services. People and families in need of these services are often worried about the quality of care and are looking to be reassured about their loved ones’ care. Vibrant’s redesign of Belvedere’s website provided a branding foundation that accurately informs and clearly communicates the organization’s unique selling position in its market — providing care, no matter what. This branding initiative was successful because it went beyond words to capture exactly what Belvedere’s clients sought — a helping hand for the most difficult of life’s situations.

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Digital Marketing

Belvedere's branding extends to digital marketing, where Vibrant continues to drive traffic and build the organization’s status as a leading provider in the Capital District. An important online marketing campaign has involved attracting and retaining highly-skilled and motivated people to help deliver Belvedere’s mission. Vibrant helped Belvedere create an exciting and consistent employee culture, and this branding effort set the organization apart from other home health providers.


Working with Vibrant has helped Belvedere develop our brand as a premier provider of health services. Thanks to Vibrant, Belvedere sends a clear message to the community that highlights our unique value.  Vibrant always over-delivers and provides insights into marketing and positioning that we didn’t even know we should be paying attention to."

- John McCooey and Jen Barnett, Belvedere Health Care

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The Results

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Developed a brand identity that helped the organization stand out from the crowd of competitors.

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Helped translate branding to organizational culture, providing positive messaging and employment incentives.

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Communicated new offerings to the community, with consistent messaging across the board.