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Is Your Business's Customer Engagement Where It Should Be?

17 July, 2021

This is obvious, but, a business is NOTHING without its customers. Without customers, you would have no growth, no revenue, no word-of-mouth advertising, no brand loyalty; the list can go on. So, a business’s marketing should be very much centered around the customer, focusing on their wants and needs, where they live, read, watch TV, listen to music, their frustrations, what makes them happy, their values, income level, practically EVERYTHING about them.

Engaged customers are excellent customers

When marketing revolves around the customer instead of the business, consumers can feel connected to the business and its messages. This creates engagement, causing consumers to be more likely to click, research, respond, etc. Customer engagement is so important for growth and success; a Braze study in 2020 showed that 67% of companies with “excellent” customer engagement have exceeded revenue goals. If you’d like to read more about customer engagement and the statistics from this study, check out this article.    

Keep your customers in the conversation

It’s a common misconception, especially among small business owners and entrepreneurs, that marketing is all about who the business is, what it does, and why it is better than the competition. Yes, this is all a part of marketing, BUT everything about the consumer mentioned above often gets forgotten and left out.

We at Vibrant Brands understand that this may be new territory for some businesses and completely overwhelming that you may not know where to start. Our team is very well versed in researching target markets, compiling data, creating advertisements based on this data, and delivering engaging customer-centered messaging. Let us handle all of this. We are known for creating brands that consumers want to learn more about and advertisements that pique their interest through emotional connection.


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