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Vibrant Showcases AI at NYCUA Marketing Conference

Vibrant Brands’ creative director, Chris Quereau, took center stage at the New York Credit Union Association (NYCUA) 2023 Marketing Conference at the Saratoga Casino Hotel this week. Diving deep into the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quereau presented on how cutting-edge AI tools, including popular names like ChatGPT and MidJourney, are revolutionizing credit union marketing.

NYCUA, as the prime association for New York credit unions, constantly seeks to foster innovation and collaboration in the industry. This year’s conference revolved around leveraging technological advancements, with AI at the forefront, to ensure credit unions stay relevant and competitive.

The talk provided insights into the myriad ways credit unions can harness the power of AI. From creating engaging ads and videos to generating content for websites, AI is not just the future but the present of credit union marketing. Showcasing live demonstrations, Quereau illustrated how AI-driven campaigns can significantly enhance user engagement, personalize marketing endeavors, and automate processes, offering more value to members.

Quereau is a creative director with a long history of helping credit unions develop marketing and sales strategies–many of which have won CUNA Diamond Awards.

Want a deeper look into how Vibrant Brands is pioneering the integration of AI in marketing strategies? Explore our case studies or connect with us to bring your marketing into the future.