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Leveraging Social Influence

5 August, 2021

As an entrepreneur, in order to understand your consumer segment, you really need to stop and think about what makes them behave the way they do. Why do they shop where they shop? Why do they choose certain brands over others? Why do they have certain deep-rooted values? Well, there are many factors that play into this like price, availability, brand awareness, et cetera, but one factor that can sometimes be brushed off is informational social influence. This is when people copy the actions of others out of a desire for safety. Some marketers and entrepreneurs may say, “Well, we have no control over when, how, or why a person may copy someone else’s choice, so why focus on this?” In marketing, there is often little that you cannot leverage for the good of your business. Here are four ways you can leverage informational social influence.

  1. Include testimonials in your marketing copy – It’s no secret that consumers are more likely to buy the product with 1,000 five-star reviews than the one with little to no reviews. Show your prospects that purchasing from you will be satisfactory.

  2. Interview consumers in your copy – This takes you a step past testimonials, now prospects are seeing/hearing it come out of the customer’s mouth, and they get to see the type of people who buy from you.

  3. Awards – Showcase your best success stories. You won them for a reason, let your market know about them

  4. Grow your social following – Having a large following shows prospects you’re good at what you do and a lot of people want to keep tabs on your business. Also, more followers mean more engagement and engagement offers a very similar effect as testimonials and interviews.  

If you want to read more about informational social influence and how to leverage it in your business check out this great article!

Keeping track of everything a business should have in its marketing strategy today can become overwhelming. With social media and digital marketing, it can feel as though the steps, processes, and elements to create and include are endless. As a business owner, it’s beyond difficult to find time for all of it, but without it, you’re losing out on so much! Let us take this weight off your shoulders. Our experienced team can develop the perfect brand for your business and market it and your offerings in all the right ways and places. We know the ins and outs of it all, and leaving it to us will give you the time to work on internal elements of your business that you’re more comfortable with. Contact us or give us a call at (855) 946-2773 today!


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