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How Will AI Affect Marketing?

AI-generated content is on everyone’s mind lately, from the controversy surrounding Chat GPT or artistic portraits of your friends and family dominating your Instagram feed. As marketers, we’ve naturally been wondering how this technology will affect our work. The truth of the matter is that it’s not an if, but a when… and that “when” may be sooner than you think.

Artificial intelligence is already here and affecting work done by creatives and marketers. can generate entire websites. will produce an avatar to record any copy you want. You can use AI to compose unique Music with The software from Midjourney can take your ideas and create top-of-the-line designs and graphics. It may be in our nature to resist the urge to use these tools, but as expert marketers, why feel threatened by them when we could embrace them?

While a computer cannot replace strategy, creativity, and human touch, clients will know they can have content produced in minutes by a computer that is passable to people outside the industry. We predict that very soon, they will be expecting work much more quickly and efficiently. They won’t accept anything less than good results produced in a timely fashion. How do we do that without running ourselves into the ground? Simple, we work with AI instead of against it. 

The marketers who stay on top will be the ones who embrace the inevitable and use AI-generated content to their advantage. Instead of a graphic designer working from scratch, grab some AI-generated graphics based on quick input, and brainstorm from there. Writing a blog on a topic you’re unfamiliar with? Put the topic into AI and see what points they have to offer, and rewrite and refine from there. As experts in the creative field, you know what you bring to the table that a computer can’t, so put yourself a step ahead and work with what’s available to you! 

Our own agency has already started to develop design, copywriting, and name generation using AI, and we are now getting into content for websites driven by text ads from Google, all of which are AI-generated. The sky is the limit when you add in computer-generated talking head videos with custom voices that compare to our own. See some of our own creations featured below!

You have the choice to ride the incoming tech wave or fight the tide, but those who are able to adapt are going to be the ones with staying power. Put yourself and your marketing in the best position to succeed, and embrace the power of technology.

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