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How Brands Are Using Instagram Threads

By now you’ve most likely heard of the new Instagram Threads launched by Mark Zuckerberg, a new social media app that immediately went viral and hit 100 million users in just days. Threads, developed by Meta, a parent company of Instagram, is a social networking platform that enables Instagram users to exchange and engage primarily with each other’s written content creating real-time conversations, although users can also post photos and videos. “The vision for Threads is to create an option and friendly public space for conversation,” Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

How Is Everyone Reacting? 

Not only has this new platform created a lot of chatter, but it has also pushed a lot of companies to question themselves ‘How should I use this? What’s the right way to share my image ?’

Since the launch of this new platform, many big companies are hesitating on using it, and instead are waiting to see how the rest of the crowd takes action. Companies are moving very cautiously, from the top five most popular consumer brands and top ten fashion brands, only Reese’s and Nike respectively have ventured into the new Threads sphere. They seem to prefer sitting back and waiting to see how Threads develops and what kind of audience it attracts before committing resources to it. The American Fashion Industry, on the other hand, has been braver with exploring this new trend, such as Nike, Coach, Abercrombie, and Calvin Klein, however many others have not followed. Given the current socio-political climate, brands, and retailers often prefer to be followers rather than pioneers when it comes to technology. There is concern that social media, increasingly politicized, could risk damaging brand reputation.

How Is It Being Used? 

Threads being built into Instagram is very easy to use, and very similar to Twitter. Brands that use this platform need to aim to stand out in order to be recognized. Threads differ from Instagram as it’s all about connections. It invites you to be more human and relate to others, with fewer pictures and more conversation. Many brands started using Threads with fun jokes, like OPI with ‘‘Were all about nails ofc…but now I guess we’re dabbling into THREADing?’’ and Maybelline ‘‘ Maybe it’s Maybell.. another social platform to post on.’’

Threads seems to be pushing everyone to help create a funny and friendly environment, helping share news and ideas, and connecting minds. This environment is an excellent space for a brand to be shared, helping both big and small industries stay updated on all the new emerging trends.

Getting Noticed on Threads

Threads is a much more conversational platform compared to Instagram and Tiktok, this means that it’s not all pictures and videos but instead lots of writing. It’s important to know that to make your brand stand out, you need to be engaging and creative through words. So far, some humor and jokes have helped keep users entertained. Engagement is key! Keeping your content unique and designed exclusively for Threads will help build your target audience. Threads without a doubt is going to evolve over time, like every other media platform, so keeping users engaged over time with fresh content is always going to be challenging. 

Should Your Brand Use Threads?

Threads is very new, and the number of users has grown immediately. This tells us that engagement, which is crucial on this platform, is at its peak. Therefore it could be an opportunity for you to establish the presence of your brand. If your brand’s voice is effective in establishing and engaging communities, as well as evoking emotional responses such as laughter, tears, or other strong emotions, then Threads could be a suitable platform for you. However, bear in mind that entering a new platform requires a lot of time and effort to fully be able to commit to the community whilst creating solid content. 

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