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Credit Unions are Getting Smart About Personalized Web Content

One of the big reasons customers choose credit unions over big banks is the personal touch: when you walk into a credit union, the teller and the branch manager greet you with a smile and might even know you by name. This personal touch extends to all areas of banking: the credit union knows when you’ve started a new job or when you’re in the market for a new house, whether you’re sending your kids to college or looking to refinance some debt — and because they know you, they can often recommend products that are the best possible fit for their customers. 

So why are so many credit union websites generic and impersonal?

It’s 2022. The ability to deliver customized and personalized web content—”smart” content—isn’t just possible; it’s quickly becoming essential. 

We’ve all seen customized content on the web and how effective it can be at reaching customers: think about the last time you browsed Amazon looking for new sunglasses and started seeing sunglass ads on every corner of the internet! Marketing companies make great use of technology that allows them to show internet users exactly what those users want to see. 

Your credit union should do the same.

Predictive Analytics 

From the moment one of your customers logs into your website, you know an extraordinary amount about them—where they live, where they work, where they shop, and what financial products they already use—and you can use this information to show these customers the products and services that are best tailored to serve their needs. 

Does this customer have a lot of money in their savings account? The website can recommend other, better ways to invest that money. Are they carrying a large balance on a high-interest credit card, or are they paying back a lot of different loans each month? Your website can recommend ways for them to refinance their debt. Did they just apply for a car loan? They’re going to need car insurance, too.

Simple technology makes it possible to connect your customer relationship management (CRM) software to your website, and “predictive analytics” can be used to offer an even more personalized experience. 

And web users are coming to expect this customized experience. One report from Forrester found that “77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.”

Not sure it’s worth it? Consider this: according to CUInsight, personalizing your credit union’s web content increases visitor engagement (55%), improves customer experience (55%), improves brand perception (39%), increases conversion rates (51%) and increases lead generation and customer acquisition (46%).

Smart web content helps your customers get the most out of your credit union, by quickly pointing them to the products and services they need—and the more you’re able to help them, the more they will appreciate your credit union’s value in their lives. 

At Vibrant, we understand technology—but even more importantly, we understand our clients. It’s our job to help you find the “smart” ways that technology can work for you. If you’re interested in learning more about customized and personalized content for your website, let us know