Branding Or Marketing? Why The Answer Is Often Both.

Struggling to understand the difference between branding and marketing and which one your business needs? Well, you’re not alone. Many business owners tend to brush branding off as just a logo and a name, when it’s so, so much more. Really, you cannot have branding without marketing and vice versa, meaning they are both equally as essential. Branding is the foundation of your entire marketing plan and process. 

Branding is your voice, focus, message, and reason

In short, because the definition of branding can go on and on and on, branding is who you are. It’s the way you communicate, the words you use, and the look and feel that you want your brand to make with your audience. It’s the reason you do what you do. Now, imagine trying to market a business or product without defining your voice, focus, message, or reason for existing. The message would fall flat. But the same is true for the opposite; even if you build the strongest, most perfect brand, you’re still going to need marketing to communicate your branding.

Marketing is the set of tools, processes, and strategies you use to promote your brand. Marketing is easier to control than branding because your brand has more to do with how consumers perceive your organization, while marketing involves tactics and strategies that you control, monitor, and optimize. If you want to read more about what branding is and how it relates to marketing check out this great article

Branding is tough — that’s why we exist

This may seem overwhelming and time and effort-consuming. And yes, this is often true for businesses that decide to go it alone, especially those that are not well versed in branding and marketing. Lucky for you, our branding and marketing experts know the importance of building that strong foundation. And, once we’ve got your brand exactly where it should be, we won’t stop there. Our team will assist you through each step of the marketing process, creating a plan that best suits your business. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and do what we do best – develop creative branding strategies that consistently meet goals and exceed expectations.