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Branding focused on caring.

United Hospice

The United Hospice is an organization built on caring. Hospice care is an important component of quality of life for many families, but the hospice conversation can be clouded by hesitancy. Vibrant’s branding efforts with UHR shine a positive light on what hospice care entails, helping UHR lead the health and human services community in improving the provision of care to those affected by serious illness.







The Brand Approach

Vibrant’s branding work with United Hospice focused on positioning the organization as a provider of dignity, compassion and comfort, each key considerations in hospice care. Initiating the hospice discussion can be difficult. Most people are aware of the important role of hospice care, but most also prefer to put off discussions revolving around end of life. With strong imagery and a focus on caring, Vibrant helped facilitate talking about hospice care.


Website Design


Vibrant’s branding extended to a website overhaul that highlighted the numerous benefits of hospice care, and the various roles United Hospice and its affiliated services fulfill for those with terminal diseases and their loved ones. Beyond highlighting services, the website also provides useful information for individuals and families to find support, education and peace of mind.

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Event Marketing

Vibrant's branding work also involved positioning UHR as a leading voice in hospice care in their community.


"As a provider of hospice services, connecting with individuals and their families in our community is crucial in providing the best personalized care possible. Vibrant’s work is more than just distinct projects like our website and marketing materials—it helped us resonate with the community and deliver our mission of honoring life, giving care and bringing comfort."

Donna Branca, Director of Marketing & Public Relations, United Hospice

The Results

Refocus Conversation

Helped deliver messaging that overcomes hesitancy in engaging hospice care by refocusing the conversation on quality of life and the many comforting services provided by UHR.


Successfully increased census, attracting patients sooner and enabling a greater breadth of services.


Aided client in creating and maintaining consistent branding that sets UHR apart from its competitors.