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Building on the Momentum of Success

Center for Disability Services

The Center for Disability Services provides support for individuals with disabilities and others in a vast footprint centered in the Capital District. Over the Center’s 75-plus years in existence, it has grown considerably. While this growth increased the nonprofit’s reach, the Center’s website and branding lacked cohesion. Vibrant worked closely with the Center to create consistent messaging that highlights achievement, success, innovation, and service, while bolstering its brand strength.





The Center for Disability Service’s mission is to enable and empower people, primarily those with disabilities, to lead healthy and enriched lives, and it employs many programs and services to deliver on this goal. Its mission is its brand. Vibrant works closely with the Center to broadcast its story, and continue to build upon its successes.


One of the challenges faced by the Center is creating a consistent message from its numerous affiliated brands. The Center provides daycare, medical services, education, residential services and more under different names. Vibrant helped align these sub brands with the Center’s overall mission, providing a unified voice for clarity and consistency.

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The Brand Approach

Vibrant’s branding strategy for the Center focused on capitalizing on the organization’s strong history in the area and evolution into a multifaceted provider of support for individuals of varying needs. From redesigned websites to consistent messaging across all communications, this strategy helped reinforce brand recognition and, most importantly, provide much needed information to the Center’s audience. In addition, Vibrant helped increase visibility and position the Center as a leader in its industry, which resulted in recognition from national grant providers that helped boost the programs and services it provides.


Website Design


Vibrant’s creative team worked hand-in-hand with the Center to corral numerous service pages into a seamless and cohesive message. The Center has many compelling stories to share with the community, and its redesigned website provides the stage for this narrative. It serves as a helpful information resource for individuals and families, and helps drum up support for its growing needs.

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Our Impact

Digital Marketing

The Center had a strong local following, with brand recognition. Through amplified digital marketing, Vibrant helped the Center leverage its history and recognition to spread even more awareness, especially regarding its fundraising events.



Few mediums help deliver compelling stories as well as video. Vibrant’s video work for the Center helped weave deeply personal narratives about the value that individuals and families receive from the Center. From family testimonials to program highlights that feature staff and resources, Vibrant helped take the Center’s branding to a deeper level.

Event Marketing

As a leading nonprofit in the Capital District, the Center has the opportunity to reach out to the community for support, and Vibrant helped put the Center directly in the spotlight. These events have added to the Center’s success, creating increased awareness of the Center’s impact in the community while also providing exciting ways to engage local charitable giving. Through logo design, print and digital advertising and social media, Vibrant helps the Center create interest in these exciting events.

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"We’ve been providing services to the community for over 75 years. Vibrant helped us reinforce our brand through focusing on our mission, and broadcast our message in a modern way, leading to amazing new opportunities for the future."

- Greg Sorrentino, President/Chief Executive Officer, Center for Disability Services

The Results


Reorganized and easier to navigate website that serves as a valuable information portal for families and individual consumers.


Increased public awareness
of the Center’s efforts, leading to increased fundraiser participation.


Achieved a more professional and tech-savvy image for the Center, directly resulting in grant awards for the Center’s assistive technology research and development arm.