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Meet Our Team: Ally Shivka

9 March, 2023

Ally (she/they) has been an integral part of our team since joining Vibrant Brands in June 2022. As a graphic designer, she’s delivered exceptional branding designs, logos, illustrations, print and digital ads, and more. Her ability to take client branding and feedback and turn it into fresh and dynamic content makes her an exceptional part of our team. She’s also our designated office pun master. Get to know more about Ally in our interview below! 

What drew you to the graphic design field and agency work?

I spent a lot of my high school experience unsure of which direction to go in. Should I become a journalist? A photographer? A comic book artist? An actor?

Sophomore year came and my school had a Career Shadowing Day. I don’t remember the particulars of how I ended up visiting a local design firm but I do remember going, and discovering that graphic design was a field where I could combine several of my passions into one. From that point on, that was my goal. (Strangely enough, my paternal grandparents had both been graphic artists but I never considered it an option till that point. Teens are weird.)

As far as agency work–the truth is, I needed a job and the agencies were hiring. I was a little intimidated going in because, in college, our professors stressed agency work wasn’t for the faint of heart. They were right and they were wrong. Agencies are fast-paced and ever-changing, but once you get into the groove it’s fantastic. In agency work, I’ve found the things that drew me to graphic design: the variety and the chance to wear many hats.

What is something you like to do outside of your 9 to 5 life?

I enjoy collaging and making jewelry while I watch tv and movies. Sometimes you need tangible art to reset your brain and to keep your hands off your phone. 

Tell us something you’re passionate about.

I’m passionate about building queer spaces, primarily digitally. It was by connecting with other members of the community online I was able to come out. Currently, I’m a member Queer Design Club, which works to celebrate and share work from LGBTQ designers. This year has been a scary one for LGBTQIA+ people and now more than ever, we need to be able to help one another. That’s why I find it important to support local organizations like the Pride Center of the Capital Region.

What is something every business should know about marketing? 

Many businesses fall into the trap of “everything needs to tell our entire story” when in reality, everything is a piece of the whole working in tandem. The Nike logo doesn’t specify what goes into making its products or when they were founded because it doesn’t have to–it has to become the symbol and wordmark by which we identify the company. Everything else has its place on the website, on brochures, or in videos.

What advice do you have for aspiring designers?

Even if you never touch UI design, it behooves all of us to become acquainted with User Experience principles. The core of design is communication, and we need to understand how people think and process information. 

Ally is just one in a team of talented graphic designers. Together, we’re proud to provide our clients with outstanding content and marketing services, because when talented hard working people come together, amazing things happen. Keep an eye out for more Vibrant team spotlights!