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Creating Concrete Copywriting for Your Non-Profit

22 April, 2022

When it comes to marketing your non-profit organization, there’s no doubt your work is important. Whether it’s human services, education, the arts, or environmental work, there’s someone who is just as passionate about your mission as you are. But there are always going to be individuals in your community who either don’t know enough about your cause or simply don’t care. 

As a non-profit marketer, it’s up to you to spread awareness about your mission and get people interested in the work you do. This is especially the case if you’re trying to gain donations, hire more employees, or educate your community. There’s where good copywriting comes in.

Tell a story people can connect with

Use concrete statements that most people will understand, connect with, in some cases be able to visualize, and then remember later on. Step into your target audience’s shoes. What is their story? If you are simply telling your story, then you are missing the mark. One way to write truly engaging copy is to make your client the hero in their story. You are just a supporting character. (Although you may be the one who saves the day!) 

Say your organization supports children with disabilities and you’re running a campaign to gain more donations from the community. Rather than talking plainly about what your services are, try telling a story about one of the individuals you helped directly. A heartfelt story will connect with your audience more than statistics or a list of services.

Be an expert in your field, but a down-to-earth communicator

Imagine you’re a marketer implementing a new SEO strategy for your credit union website, which includes writing weekly blog posts. As a financial expert in your field, you may be tempted to write detailed articles with complex themes to further position your organization as an expert. But don’t forget who you’re writing for! The majority of individuals reading these articles likely don’t know the ins and outs of finances and need information simplified to understand. 

While you can still cover complex topics, it’s important to write your ideas out in ways that are easy for others to understand. Start by reviewing your copy and removing any jargon. Then look are your wording and shorten any lengthy or complicated sentences. The goal is to aim for a high school reading level or lower. Keep in mind that your content should be accessible and easy for all of your readers to understand.

Copywriting is no easy feat. Many people struggle to bring words to life and create emotion and connections with nothing but letters. At Vibrant Brands, our copywriters have years of experience writing for all different kinds of industries and are experts in taking complex information and making it relatable. Let us take the reins on your copywriting whether it be for advertisements, branding, website creation, and more!

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