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Creating Concrete Copywriting

23 July, 2021

So, you own a business. And, even though you might not flaunt it, you're an expert in your industry. This is something to be proud of! Expertise qualifies you in the eyes of your prospective customers. But the catch is in trying to translate this expertise in your branding and marketing communications. The high level of knowledge and skill you've developed over the years makes your products and services stellar, but it also can make you a pretty lousy copywriter. Bad copy isn't always poorly written, it can be too dense and not engaging to your customers.

Be an expert in your field, but a down-to-earth communicator

Say you’re a doctor who owns a private practice, and you handle all the writing for advertisements and branding efforts on your own. You want potential patients to know you’re a well-educated expert because you want them to feel safe and comfortable coming to your practice. Because of this, it’s common for business owners to channel their expertise into their copywriting by using abstract and complex language.

But, your prospective patients are not medical experts. (Well, maybe they've done a lot of research with Dr. Google...) So, what you’re really doing here is making it difficult for your prospects to connect with your business’s advertisements and branding and in turn, this makes it difficult for them to recall your message later on when they’re looking for a new doctor.

Speak plainly, and tell a great story

Try something else instead. Use concrete statements that most people will understand, connect with, in some cases be able to visualize, and then remember later on. Step into your patients' shoes. What is their story? If you are simply telling your story, then you are totally missing the mark. One way to write truly engaging copy is to make your customer the hero in their story. You are just a supporting character. (Although you may be the one who saves the day!) 

For example, a medical practice could use messaging that talks about the importance of taking control of one's own health and discuss how the practice is a resource for wellness and a better life. Telling that story is much more engaging than lengthy technical writing that may zip right over most people's heads.  

If you’d like to learn more about this concept and read about a study done by a psychologist on the concept then check out this great article!

Copywriting is no easy feat. Many people struggle to bring words to life and create emotion and connections with nothing but letters. It’s common for business owners to overlook the fact that a large portion of creating advertisements depends heavily on the copy and without substantial copy, the response from consumers will always be underwhelming.

Here at Vibrant Brands, our copywriters have years upon years of experience. We're not necessarily experts in your field, but we are experts in taking complex information and making it relatable. We know how to clearly and compellingly communicate the value of whatever it is that your business does. We understand the correct ratio of concrete and abstract language and can form it together in such a way that piques the emotions and memories of consumers. Let us take the reins on your copywriting whether it be for advertisements, branding, website creation, et cetera.


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